Transcriptions for wind instruments


Presently I live in the "entertainment capital of the world", the desert, the place people called Lost Wages. Our family is huge - my wife and I are taking care of two magical cats and two dogs - a golden "Bear" Misha and a senior Dachshund, Taksa. Kind of a nursing home, in a way :-) My diploma and other awards for excellent achievements in my studies didn't help much in the job search. The hard work and immense amount of luck, on the other hand, did land me a principal job with the Las Vegas Philharmonic orchestra and a few fun gigs on the side each year. Hiking in the snowy mountains, learning new flutes, boxing workouts, Call Of Duty dayly fixes on my PS3 and, of course, running the "nursing home" are the few other activities that fill up my life. Other than that I love good food and some quiet time by myself.
Alexander Viazovtsev